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It is an offence to drive a motor vehicle in Ireland without a valid insurance and a licence. Driving without insurance , a licence , tax or NCT can get you into trouble. However, we know well that for numerous reasons you may have been pulled by the Gardaí on account of any of these reasons and there may well be a simple explanation.

You must have insurance that fully covers you to drive the vehicle in question and an insurance disc must be displayed.Your motor tax must be paid up to date and a tax disc displayed on your window.

Your car must pass the National Car Test (NCT), which must be completed periodically (once every two years for newer cars and once a year for older cars). A valid NCT disc must also be displayed.

Generally, if you fail to produce your Insurance Disc/Cert, your Tax Disc/Cert or your NCT Disc/Cert when requested by a Garda, you will be required to produce it within 10 days at your local Garda Station. Do not delay.

While previously in Ireland, if stopped by a Garda and they asked to see your licence, one had 10 days to produce their licence at a Garda Station, drivers must now carry their driving licence/learner permit on them at all times while driving. Failing to produce your driving licence or learners permit when requested by a Garda is an offence.

Failing to produce your Licence, Insurance, Tax or NCT documents can result in a court summons.

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