Careless/Dangerous Driving

Careless/Dangerous Driving
We have extensive experience in dealing with road traffic offences. Depending on the severity of a charge, we will work with clients to establish the facts and determine the optimum legal route so as to minimise the legal implications for our client.

There are several levels of severity associated with Careless and Dangerous Driving.

Driving Without Due Care and Consideration
The least serious charge is “Driving Without Due Care and Consideration”, which a Garda will usually choose to charge you with if your offence was minor, such as failing to notice a car pulling out in front of you, but where it does not result in a collision or accident.

Careless Driving
This involves driving in a public place without due care and attention where the result is an accident, collision, or where the Garda feels the risk of a serious accident was high.

Dangerous Driving
This involves driving in such a way that it puts the public and other motorists at serious risk of harm. It does not matter whether or not the driving thinks they were driving safely. It considers whether the reasonable person would consider their driving to be dangerous.

Dangerous Driving Causing Death
The most serious charge of this nature is Dangerous Driving that results in an accident that causes a death, whether it is a pedestrian, another driver, the passenger of another car or one of your own passengers.

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