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Credit Union Regulations

by admin

            NEW CREDIT UNION REGULATIONS A whole new sweeping set of regulations are due to hit the Credit Union Sector this year covering areas such as reserves, liquidity lending, investments, controls and reporting requirements.  It is proposed under the new rules that the maximum amount that anybody can save with […]

Credit Union Merger

by admin

            Credit Unions to Merge or Not?   We act for many Credit Unions nationwide and there has been a lot of talk in the last few years regarding mergers.  There have already been a number of mergers between Credit Unions and more are expected.  Indeed, the government announced in […]

Wards of Court and Power of Attorney

by admin

THE FUTURE OF WARDS OF COURT  In Ireland when a person is deemed incapable of managing their own assets or affairs because of mental incapability an Application can be made to the Courts for this person to be made what is commonly referred to as a “Ward of Court”.  It is the Court’s decision whether […]

Credit Unions and Employees

by admin

  Employee re-instatements It has been reported recently that the Employment Appeals Tribunal had made a decision against St. Coleman’s (Claremorris Credit Union) in relation to an employee that they had.  The Tribunal found that the employee had been unfairly dismissed.     In this case the Tribunal has decided that the employee should be re-instated with her employer.   […]

Family Law: Watch out for New Romances

by admin

  In a recent High Court case in the UK a Judge said that the start of a new relationship during a divorce can be a significant “fly in the ointment” to family law Courts and Judges deciding  on how much money ex-wives should be awarded. The Court went on to say that women may […]

Family Law: Children as Weapons of Choice

by admin

    A Judge in the UK has made some very interesting comments in a family law case concerning care proceedings in relation to four children. The mother of the children petitioned for Divorce in January 2014 asserting that her husband was displaying “arrogance and endeavouring to show superiority and seeking power and control over […]

Spanish Law and Irish Law : A comparative

by admin

Many people in Spain influenced by the big screen, especially by the Irish film In the name of the father, have a preconceived idea about Irish Law and they think that the only differences between both legal systems are restricted to the barristers wears wigs and gowns during the court proceedings and that the witnesses […]

Commercial Leases

by admin

Negotiating a Commercial Lease for a property can be a tricky business. Before legislation was enacted in 2009 all Commercial Leases were subject to Upward Only Rent Reviews every five years. This means that after five years the rent went up. Since 2009 there is now provision for rents to be negotiated downwards as well […]

Personal Injury claim – HOC in High Court settlement

by admin

      Healy O’Connor recently acted for an injured claimant who suffered a severe personal injury to her knee in a pile up on a motor way. Unfortunately, the claimant was the first car in the pile up and suffered the brunt of the initial collision and subsequent collisions from the cars behind resulting in this […]

Man run over by bin lorry awarded nearly five million

by admin

In a recent Personal Injuries judgement Mr Justice Michael Peart awarded Padraig Hearns the sum of nearly five million euros in damages against Dublin City Council in the High Court. Mr Hearns who was a former Mr Ireland suffered severe brain injuries after he was run over by a bin lorry seven years ago in […]

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