Employer theft

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A company accountant who stole €80,000 from her employer has been jailed for three years for employer theft by the Circuit Criminal Court in Dublin.

The accountant stole the money over a three year period from Snap Printing. She used company cheques to pay personal bills including speeding tickets and music lessons for her kids.

Judge Nolan imposed a three year sentence but suspended all but 16 months of the sentence because of her efforts to pay back the money. The defendants legal team had made a defence application to allow her to stay out of jail to pay back the money but this was rejected by the Court.

Despite the mitigating factors the judge felt he had no choice but to jail the woman. The woman had previously promised to repay the money through the sale of her family home but this did not materialise. The sentence imposed is indicative of the strong position being taken by the Courts when it comes to employer theft.

You can go along way to mitigating your sentence and even avoiding a jail sentence if you can repay the monies stolen. It is very important that you get early legal advice should you find yourself in this parlous situation. Employer theft can come about for a myriad of reasons: gambling problems, financial difficulties or marital problems.

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