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Indirect discrimination at work – how to deal with it?

by perpetualadm

what is discrimination at work

Each work environment has its own challenges such as impending deadlines, difficult clients, taking responsibility for our mistakes and many more. However, we can also be met with difficulties coming from a quite unexpected source – our colleagues or bosses. What is indiscrimination at work, and how can we deal with it? Let’s find out! […]

How to get a legal separation in Ireland?

by perpetualadm

how to get legal separation in ireland

One of the routes a couple can take, after the breakdown of their marriage, is a legal separation. What does it mean and how to get a legal separation in Ireland? Let’s find out. Differences between types of legal separation in Ireland First, we need to learn what marital separation really means. Usually, it is […]

Medical negligence – things you need to know before you start a claim

by perpetualadm

How to start a medical negligence claim?

Numerous medical negligence claims can end with a positive outcome, however, it is essential to remember that there are several things that each person needs to know before the case can even begin. How to start a medical negligence claim then? Let’s find out. Is there a time limit to make a medical negligence claim? […]

Covid -19 Personal Injuries Update

by perpetualadm

In recent days existing clients have been asking what will happen to their ongoing personal injury cases. New clients have also been asking if it is possible to bring a case for Personal Injuries currently? Is the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) operating? Yes, PIAB is continuing to operate and it is possible to lodge […]

COVID – 19 HOC Update.

by perpetualadm

During this difficult time for all we wish to assure our client’s that so far as it’s possible, it’s business as usual at Healy O’Connor Solicitors. We remain committed to delivering the best possible service to new and existing clients during this time. In line with Government guidance our office remains open for essential services […]

Tracker Mortgage Claims and Compensation

by perpetualadm

We have many cases winding their way through the Redress process so it comes as no surprise to us today to read that the number in line for compensation is currently topping 40,500. That is coming with a potential liability to the Banks of something in the region of €700 million. Much like any other […]

Abuse Claims- Scouting Ireland

by perpetualadm

I remember when I was a kid my stated ambition was to appear on Jimmy Saville’s show Jim’ll Fix it and I wasn’t alone in that. I recall very animated discussions with my friends about the letters we would write to get on to the very popular show despite living in Ireland.  Similarly, we all […]

Cosmetic Surgery Claims

by perpetualadm

We are increasingly being instructed in relation to cosmetic surgery claims or  “medical misadventures” to put it nicely. Of course, it’s not so nice when cosmetic surgery goes wrong. Unfortunately,  botulinum toxin containing products ( Botux) and dermal fillers can lead to pain, swelling, infection and inflammation, rash, blurred vision, haematoma and “pins and needles”. […]

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