Healy O'Connor Solicitors Cork & Dublin


Name Email Location Department
Healy O'Connor Solicitors Cork Offices Healy O’Connor Solicitors Cork info@hoc.ie Cork Cork Solicitors Offices
Healy O'Connor Solicitors Dublin Offices Healy O’Connor Solicitors Dublin info@hoc.ie Dublin Dublin Solicitors Offices
Maurice O'Connor - Solicitor Cork & Dublin Maurice O’Connor maurice@hoc.ie Cork and Dublin Personal Injury Litigation, Debt Recovery, Family Law
Shane Healy - Solicitor Cork & Dublin Shane Healy shane@hoc.ie Dublin and Cork Commercial, Property, Employment, Insolvency
Fiona Barry - Litigation, Conveyancing, Family Law, Probate & Commercial Law Specialist Fiona Barry fiona@hoc.ie Cork Litigation, Conveyancing, Family Law, Probate
paula Paula Healy paula@hoc.ie Cork Litigation, Commercial, Property
Monessa Walsh monessa@hoc.ie  Cork  Financial Controller
lorna Lorna Burke lorna@hoc.ie  Cork Debt Collection